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Photography credit:  Sam Hartnett

iteration 22: Suburbia

"A mothermother collective curatorial project exploring the pleasures and anxieties of the sub-urban: what is allowed, what is excluded, and what could be.


Suburbia – a place where most of us live, but the art world often disdains.  The first rail-commuter suburbs developed in the late 19th century as a middle-class response to the dirt and disease of the industrialising city.  The low-density, car-dependant suburb was the dominant form of post-war cities, from Los Angeles to Auckland.   The urban shifts required by decarbonisation, as well as the enforced domesticity of the last few years and the devastation of climate change have snapped our focus to the neighbourhood." (Stella Brennan)

includes work by Philippa Blair, Stella Brennan, Layla Rudneva-Mackay, The Estate of L.Budd, Inga Fillary, Natalie Tozer, Teresa Peters, Maree Horner, Ekaterina Dimieva, Monique Lacey, Rebecca Wallis, Kelly Pretty, Janet Mazenier, Lillie Balfour, Rose Meyer, Robyn Walton, Jana Wood, Michelle Mayn, Kiriana O’Connell, Jessica Douglas, Lucy Boermans, Karen Rubado, Tori Beeche, Susan Nelson, Melanie Arnold and Caitlin Devoy.

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