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iteration 20: The Table

iteration 20: The Table

mothermother booth at 2023 Aotearoa Art Fair featuring 9 new members: Jana Wood, Tori Beeche, Michelle Reid, Susan Nelson, Peter Derksen, Rowan Thomson, Lillie Balfour, Janet Mazenier, Karen Rubado and founder Natalie Tozer. Titled simply ‘The Table’, the public was invited to pull up a chair and take in the works as you would at a friend’s dining room table. In keeping with our ethos of manaakitanga (caretaking), The Table conjured a sense of community, home, sharing of kai (food), connection, ritual, and belonging – a thread that runs through the exhibited works: remnants of a hug in bronze, paintings inspired by daily walks and elemental kitchen ingredients, melted and repurposed pewter tea sets, film stills of an other-worldly home-bound odyssey, and woven things undone, to name a few.

Download the publication here (produced by Jordano Zatta)

mothermother is an artist-run initiative with an inclusive kaupapa that offers support and visibility to over 30 artists with a strong focus on supporting local artists, as well as celebrating new connections outside Tāmaki.

mothermother promotes underrepresented artists and challenges hierarchical curatorial methods by elevating the unity of a healthy network.

mothermother artists are not necessarily biological mothers, but rather embody a kaupapa of manaakitanga, caretaking, and support for those who identify with the struggle of being fundamentally overlooked and under-valued as artists in a society that favours a male perspective.

We are ‘mOther’, ‘muth’: other, emergent, re-emergent, transitioning.

We acknowledge our muthas before us and aim to reveal the interconnected networks that support and sustain us, the bodily connections we hold to the land, our societies, each other and our futures. 

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