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A series of works that were essentially the result of reading too many Richard Dawkins books and wigging out on the weirdness of life on earth. Like the butterfly effect, if one thing went a different way it could change whole evolutionary pathways – these works explore some of the crazy aspects of what is, as well as 'what if'.

Questions beget more questions, from whether silence exists to why we put pineapple rings on Thanksgiving Hams (N. America) and other weird human traditions? It was a deep dive into fascinating evolutionary pathways like that of the seeing eye with its blind spots and tears (Climbing Mt. Improbable). Creatures of today are a result of random intersections that could have become something else if a particular valley or mountain was or wasn't in the way. Suddenly my own made-up creatures and intersections like Mutant Katydid with Black Jellybean seemed just as probable as the adaptations achieved by real-life beings such as the genius camouflage of stick-bugs and caterpillars, or the built-in lightbulbs of deep sea angler fish.


A newfound, almost spiritual appreciation for a kind of 'divine Darwinism' was born just from learning about the miraculousness of the natural world.

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